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Microblading Welwyn Garden City

Jolán Microblading are proud to work in partnership with Elley Spa, we offer our full range of Microblading and semi-permanent treatments from this location and you can also benefit from some of the other great beauty treatments available from Elley Spa.

Microblading is a decision that can take a long time to make and there are so many different eyebrow styles. Nikki is a qualified Phi brow artist and highly experienced with working directly on the face and her brow mapping skills and faultless, she works with every client to create a shape that they are happy with. She believes that the best brows come from a partnership between the client and herself. Eyebrows are a journey and she will make sure you get there.

There are different techniques for semi-permanent brows, you may know it as Microblading, Powder brows, Combination brows, Ombré. All of these techniques Nikki is multiple times qualified in and these can be achieved in a number of ways. Just explain at your consultation which type of Microblading you would like an you will be best advised.

Elley Spa is a secret gem in the heart of Welwyn Garden City town centre, an oasis of healing & wellbeing.

Through perfectly balanced treatments, such as holistic and deep down healing is the centre the spa’s ethos based on the worlds East & West; Ancient and Modern, from Hammam & Ayurvedic herbal medicine to laser and clinical treatments.

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    Perfect brows with microblading. Forget what’s in trend and focus on what suits you.