Microblading – Read The Reviews!

Reviews – 

Are they a good or bad thing? 

Are they fabricated or are they real? 

Can you trust them to make an informed decision?

How many times have you gone to look at a review to help make a decision..

When you set your emotions on having something ‘new’ be it a physical product, a new dress, Laptop, or a beauty service such as Microblading how do you do your research?

You’ll probably start talking about it more, you’ll ask your friends, you’ll go online, you’ll look at the quality…..you’ll read the reviews.

We all do it and it’s become a vital part of our research process, we base our opinion’s on collective information, and this information takes time to gather, and it’s an investment of our energy and commitment to getting the best service. So when we read a review that’s copied and pasted onto a website, do we trust it..??

Do you trust it?

In my honest opinion, after asking so many people this question the collective reply was – ‘I’m not sure, yes…it could be made up’

That’s not particularly trustworthy, and personally it wouldn’t help me make an informed decision. At Jolán Microblading we do put all our reviews onto our website but guess what…they are copied and pasted from Google.

They are all from happy and genuine clients who have taken the time to express their thanks and express their experience from having a Microblading treatment. Their names are real and their comments have all been done in real time.

Now, knowing this – how does that make you feel?

Knowing that so many people have independently take the time to write a review on Google, – NOW do you believe the reviews?


At Jolán Microblading we understand the importance of creating great brows, positive experiences and long lasting results.

What is Hair Stroke Microblading?

There are so many Microblading and brow terms out there that it’s becoming confusing for clients to know what exactly they want. 

There is…

  • Lamination (not semi-permanent make-up)
  • HD brows    (not semi-permanent make-up)
  • Ombré
  • Blade & Shade
  • Combo brows
  • Nanoblading
  • Feather brows
  • Powder brows
  • Microshading
  • Hybrid brows
  • Phibrows

Are you exhausted yet? Phew! I definitely am.

Ok, let me get in here and sift through all these terms in a very quick fashion:

Lamination isn’t semi-permanent make-up but it is a popular brow term and is best for brows with lots of existing hair, it’s chemical based and lasts for a month.

Ombré is when the brow has a tonal change of colour, light at the front and dark at the ends, think of block colouring but Ombré.

Blade & Shade, is when hairstrokes are fused with an undertone of the same colour to create a fuller brow.

Combo brows  are the same as Blade & Shade – not much difference.

Nanoblading, this is hairstrokes but created with a finer tool.

HD Brows is a seven-step eyebrow shaping treatment that focuses on design. It involves a combination of techniques, including tinting, waxing and threading (not semi-permanent)

Feather brows, also known as Microfeathering, is when the Microblading technique is adjusted and individual hairs have more gaps and sparsity between them, they are slightly longer hence creating the term ‘feather’.

Powder brows, can be also known as Pixel brows which provide a soft shading, similar to Ombré, it focuses on natural fading and soft lines with no visible outlines.

Microshading does not tattoo full strokes like Microblading, instead, it fills the whole brow with light pigmentation through the use of a fine tipped needle and a machine.

Hybrid brows are a bit like Blade and Shade but done with a machine where the final look is more powdery but with some hairstrokes.

Phibrows is a Serbian, privately held company, that specialises in permanent make-up. ”Phibrows” is specialised for Microblading and has its own Academy once qualified they become Phibrows Artists.

I’m sure that new techniques will have entered the market by the time you’re reading this, but my advice is..

  • Find a good technician that’s qualified
  • Have a thorough consultation 
  • Like your technician, you’re going to be friends for a long time!
  • Do the research, look at his or her portfolio, this is normally on their website or on Instagram
  • Read the reviews

Your technician will be able to advise you what is best and most importantly will need to LISTEN to what you would like to achieve.

I hope this has helped. X

Microblading Magic.

What age is good for Microblading?

What age is good for microblading? – Well, this is another good question and the simplest answer is that the legal minimum age is 18; young girls these days are SO good at applying make-up – not like when I was growing up. I became a Make-up Artist for editorials and catwalks shortly after this age so I was on my way but, on the whole, this generation are way savvier and with all the Youtube/Insta and TikTok videos that are available out there I say let the eighteen year olds enjoy their brows with make-up.

It’s not until you are in your late twenties that the painstaking and time-exhausting routine of doing your brows every day starts to irritate us all.

If you are eighteen and looking to get your brows microbladed or Ombré’d then please please wait a little longer, I bet your brows look amazing just as they are and if you’re still not convinced, by all means, book a consultation with us and come and discuss what is making you unhappy. You will be given lots of tips and advice but if you are a parent of a minor then my advice is to offer to take your daughter for eyebrow shaping and let the fun of makeup begin.

If you know of anyone who is about to get their brows microbladed and who is younger than the minimum age requirement then please do inform someone.  This is a technical and intricate procedure that should be done by a professional. 

It is also worth adding that the legal age may not apply abroad and I have had many clients who have had their brows done in this way. Be warned, the pigments are different in some countries and so are the ingredients which oxidise to an array of colours that will without doubt definitely need correction, at some point, in the future.

My advice…it’s best to wait, and it’ll be well worth it!

Microblading Magic.

Does Microblading Hurt?

Does Microblading hurt?

This is a question that I get asked literally all of the time, and honestly, it’s a really hard one to answer.

Why? Because we are all individuals and have completely different reactions to everything. Here’s my experience, everyone is absolutely fine ONCE they are relaxed and understand the procedure. I personally think it’s more of a psychological hurdle that, once crossed, becomes a walk in the park, and that’s the difference at Jolán Microblading, we don’t just book you in and do your brows, we educate! 

Knowledge is power and it’s extremely important for our clients to understand all aspects of the treatment. Yes, we want you to relax and enjoy the end result but we believe that in order for you to do that successfully you really need to be educated how this is done and what to expect. Doesn’t it feel good when we understand and know more? Regardless of the topic, when talking to others we often use terms like: “…yeah…it’s totally fine…”. That’s because you KNOW your information.

Microblading, it’s not a term that makes you instantly think of calmness, it has the word “blading” in it, which isn’t calming at all! But that’s not accurate either. It’s not a blade in any shape or form, the tool itself is actually a quarter the size of my little finger nail and it’s shaped like a metal comb.

I always say to my clients: “..Imagine if you run your finger down a comb – what sound would it make? What would each prong do?..”. Once this visualisation is fully understood I then say on a scale of one to ten (ten being having a healthy tooth removed without anaesthetic) you should be at a two and by the very end of the treatment, following all the wiping, possibly a three.  

I find that women who are menstruating can be slightly more sensitive, women who have tattoos tend to fall asleep, and women who “know their stuff” are so relaxed that they are happy to chat and relax.

BUT one thing that is true about everyone, is that when I see you at your top up you are  very different from your first appointment…WHY? Because you KNOW everything, by this point, that there is to know about Microblading and what did I say before?  – KNOWLEDGE IS KEY.

You’re fully equipped with the treatment, aftercare, experience and you already have your beautiful natural brows. It’s more like a social event when I see you next and it’s wonderful to catch up, have a chat and see you so happy.

Does Microblading hurt? I’ll let you be the judge of that. 

Microblading Magic!

What Does Semi-Permanent Makeup Actually Mean?

The word “permanent” is quite naturally associated with something lasting forever and this is certainly the category that body art such as tattoos fall under. However, when we talk about “semi-permanent” in the context of makeup, we’re differentiating it from makeup that can easily be removed. This includes things we’re all familiar with such as mascara, eyeliner etc that will typically be removed and reapplied daily.

Microblading sits in the middle as it’s not easily removable, but it also won’t last forever. This makes it an ideal choice as it doesn’t require day to day attention, but you do have the option to renew your look and change your mind
Many people choose to renew their look each year as styles and fashions change, but also people themselves and their preferences change. In some cases, a change of a career or major life event is enough to prompt a rethink of style

Providing Microblading Advice

Microblading practitioners understand this and are as skillfully trained in the art of microblading as they are in advising clients of the options that suit them, something that draws parallels from the haircare industry. 
What Might Prompt a New Look?
Many people choose microblading for an upcoming reason such as:

  • Wedding
  • Holiday
  • Birthday/anniversary party
  • Looking great for Summer

…and others consider it a routine part of their life. In many cases, those who look into microblading for an event often go on to book again in the future after being impressed with the results.

A consultation with a qualified microblading practitioner is a great way to understand more about the process and find out more about what’s possible and how this can give you the results you desire.

What Happens to My Eyebrows Once Microbladed?

In short, nothing.

Microblading doesn’t actually do anything to your natural eyebrows and the impressive effect that we see in people who have had microblading treatments is the treatment working alongside what was there before.

The treatment you receive is actually being performed on the skin underneath and around your natural eyebrows rather than on the hair that makes up your brows. In short, small hairlike incisions are made to the layer of the skin known as the dermis, and at the same time, a pigment is worked into those incisions. Microblading is known as a ‘semi-permanent’ procedure as it is distinct from the permanent procedures used by tattoo artists who inject ink below the dermis layer of your skin.

This is why those who perform microblading are trained to understand the interaction of the hair and the semi-permanent pigmentation so create shapes and effects that give you the look and style that you desire.

It’s sometimes asked why microblading couldn’t be performed as a permanent procedure and it largely comes down to being able to change your style as time progresses if we ignore the medical aspect of the question. We have written another post about this in more detail which you can find here.

How Much Should a Microblading Session Cost?

Most salons price microblading treatments between £250 and £750. Much like in every industry, there are significant price differentials and many factors that go into setting a price point. There’s also the question of quality. Interestingly, it’s not always the case that a lower price reflects a poor service. Personally, I’ve seen what is marketed as high-end microblading that those in the industry would describe as subpar. On the other hand, lower-priced salons can often leave your brows looking incredible.

In reality, the price doesn’t tell you everything. The only real way to get a feel for the quality of the service you might expect is to look at previous work. Most salons will show you before and after pictures on their website and some will be posting their work regularly to social media platforms such as Instagram.

Then there’s talking to people you know and asking for a recommendation or reading through reviews. In this case, it’s important not just to look at the star rating but rather the words that have been written by clients, just to make sure the salon you choose is a good fit for you.

Microblading is a very personal service and a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for most people. Look to see if salons provide more than one set shape so that they can cater to your unique features as what may look fantastic on a before and after photo of somebody else, may not be quite right for you.

When you make an enquiry, you should make sure you feel comfortable with the person you speak to and you’re confident that you trust the practitioner with one of the most prominent features of your face. Don’t hesitate to bring up any concerns that you have as it’s quite natural for those who are receiving a microblading treatment for the first time to be a little nervous.

The price you pay is for more than just the process of microblading and includes the service you should expect as a client.

Botched Ink Removal – Everything You Need to Know

We live in a world where trends and fashion can change at the drop of a hat. A celebrity appearance with an eye-enhancing feature that causes a stir can inspire a new look that the following day can be seen across every other Instagram story.

Getting on board with a new trend that gets your attention can mean removing something you had done before…but do you have that option?

Yes, and Botched Ink is the solution!

Alongside popular microblading treatments, we’ll soon be able to offer removal treatments that give you back that fresh, blank canvas so you can choose the next style you’re going to impress with. 

Perhaps some time has passed and you’ve grown out of an old shape and now want something more subtle, less sharp?  The shape and colour of your brows is such an individual choice and cannot be overlooked. It’s not a one-stamp-fits-all technique and is a complex process. Your skin is multi-layered and a complex living tissue that might be different on the left than it is on the right side of your face. An expression in the microblading world tells us that your brows are sisters but not twins, and this couldn’t be more noticeable when you work with brows every single day.

So does this type of removal work? Yes. Does it hurt? No. Is it worth it? Absolutely. And can you microblade over the top of removed ink? 100% Yes!

We’ll keep you updated on our social media and will let you know when we’re ready to take new bookings for our Botched Ink service. We can’t wait to refresh your look.

What’s the Difference Between Microblading and a Tattoo?

It’s easy to understand how the mention of ink and incisions into the skin can give rise to questions about what differentiates a microblading treatment from having a tattoo applied to your body. There are of course similarities between the two processes but when we consider the benefits of each, it’s clear where the distinction lies:

1. Microblading is “semi-permanent”

One of the definitive characteristics of a tattoo is its permanency, which is typically cited in any controversy around the legal age of being able to opt for a tattoo. Whilst tattoos are considered permanent, this doesn’t extend as far as the quality of the image throughout the lifetime of the tattoo. Most of us have seen tattoos that several decades down the line have not aged well and appear rather grey and unflattering. This is due to several factors including natural changes to the skin over time, other biological processes and the choice and technology relating to the ink used.

The semi-permanent nature of microblading allows for the treatment to last for one or two years but throughout this period retain the aesthetic effect you wished for when you decided to book your microblading treatment.

2. Fashion, trends and your choices

Fashions and trends change over time and so do your preferences. Much like how we look back at what we were wearing in the early 2000s and begin to think long and hard about our clothes and hair choices, microblading being semi-permanent gives you the opportunity to change your mind. This doesn’t commit you to one style for the rest of your life. This also means you’re free to take advantage of new techniques and technologies as they develop.

3. Microblading stimulates a more natural aesthetic

Microblading starts from the point of view that natural aesthetics are the priority. In the case of tattoos, typically there is freedom to choose from a wide range of non-natural colours and designs and creating something that stands out as ‘different’ is commonplace amongst those who opt for a tattoo. Microblading aims to stand out in a different way.

4. Microblading is designed to enhance an already-existing feature

The eyebrows are a prominent feature on our faces and microblading takes advantage of this. When we look at a person’s face, we rarely isolate the various features in favour of looking at the bigger picture and appreciating the overall aesthetic. Tattoos on the other hand often add something new and except in some creative circumstances feature as a stand-alone piece of body art.

Summer 2021 is Almost Here! Are Your Brows Ready?

Days Until Summer 2021!


The sun has begun to shine more and people are talking about Summer holiday plans. Whilst we’re not sure what a holiday might look like this year, now is the time to start thinking about treating yourself to a new look, and booking in your microblading appointment, ready for whatever Summer plans you’re able to make. Whether it’s walking along the beach in the Algarve or showing off your brows on the South coast of England, your Summer 2021 is only a few months away.

Because it takes a little time for your microblading treatment to show its full potential, April is the month to book your appointment. This gives you plenty of time for your top-up appointment four weeks later so the finished result is ready for those Summer months.

Still have questions about microblading? No problem, the FAQ page can be found here. If there’s still something you’re not sure about, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

For before and after photos, head over to our Instagram page where you’ll find examples of how microblading will not only give you control over the shape of your brows but also enhance your other facial features too.

How It Works

  1. Get in touch today for an initial consultation. We can discuss what you’re looking for and answer any questions.
  2. We’ll book your first appointment at one of our studios
  3. When the treatment takes place, you’ll be given lots of advice about aftercare and we’ll book your top-up appointment which will be about four weeks later.
  4. At your top-up appointment, the final elements of your treatment will be completed. You’ll always be able to get in touch if you’re unsure about anything.
  5. Get out there and impress!

We all deserve a good Summer this year with what last year brought us. Let’s look forward to putting ourselves out there, looking great and feeling great!