Microblading – Read The Reviews!

Reviews – 

Are they a good or bad thing? 

Are they fabricated or are they real? 

Can you trust them to make an informed decision?

How many times have you gone to look at a review to help make a decision..

When you set your emotions on having something ‘new’ be it a physical product, a new dress, Laptop, or a beauty service such as Microblading how do you do your research?

You’ll probably start talking about it more, you’ll ask your friends, you’ll go online, you’ll look at the quality…..you’ll read the reviews.

We all do it and it’s become a vital part of our research process, we base our opinion’s on collective information, and this information takes time to gather, and it’s an investment of our energy and commitment to getting the best service. So when we read a review that’s copied and pasted onto a website, do we trust it..??

Do you trust it?

In my honest opinion, after asking so many people this question the collective reply was – ‘I’m not sure, yes…it could be made up’

That’s not particularly trustworthy, and personally it wouldn’t help me make an informed decision. At Jolán Microblading we do put all our reviews onto our website but guess what…they are copied and pasted from Google.

They are all from happy and genuine clients who have taken the time to express their thanks and express their experience from having a Microblading treatment. Their names are real and their comments have all been done in real time.

Now, knowing this – how does that make you feel?

Knowing that so many people have independently take the time to write a review on Google, – NOW do you believe the reviews?


At Jolán Microblading we understand the importance of creating great brows, positive experiences and long lasting results.