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Jolan Microblading

The word “permanent” is quite naturally associated with something lasting forever and this is certainly the category that body art such as tattoos fall under. However, when we talk about “semi-permanent” in the context of makeup, we’re differentiating it from makeup that can easily be removed. This includes things we’re all familiar with such as mascara, eyeliner etc that will typically be removed and reapplied daily.

Microblading sits in the middle as it’s not easily removable, but it also won’t last forever. This makes it an ideal choice as it doesn’t require day to day attention, but you do have the option to renew your look and change your mind
Many people choose to renew their look each year as styles and fashions change, but also people themselves and their preferences change. In some cases, a change of a career or major life event is enough to prompt a rethink of style

Providing Microblading Advice

Microblading practitioners understand this and are as skillfully trained in the art of microblading as they are in advising clients of the options that suit them, something that draws parallels from the haircare industry. 
What Might Prompt a New Look?
Many people choose microblading for an upcoming reason such as:

  • Wedding
  • Holiday
  • Birthday/anniversary party
  • Looking great for Summer

…and others consider it a routine part of their life. In many cases, those who look into microblading for an event often go on to book again in the future after being impressed with the results.

A consultation with a qualified microblading practitioner is a great way to understand more about the process and find out more about what’s possible and how this can give you the results you desire.

Perfect brows with microblading. Forget what’s in trend and focus on what suits you.