B12 Injections

Our Vitamin B12 Injections are injected intramuscularly, these regular supplements can be an absolutely essential treatment for the reduction of your fatigue, low energy levels and also helps in the management of mental state.

In some cases, a Vitamin B12 deficiency can impair brain function and even lead to a state of depression, so it is vital to make sure that your supplies of this important micro-nutrient are there.

During your initial consultation with Nikki, She will work with you to devise a suitable treatment plan based on your individual health needs and concerns, you will be given all of the information and guidance you need and devise the best course of treatment for you. A B12 injection takes less than 5 Minutes and you will feel instantly refreshed and replenished and this can last up to three months.

It will boost your energy levels, enhance your immune system including a multitude of other mental and physical health concerns.