Frequently Asked Questions

If your skin keloids when you scar, microblading is not for you. If you have a tendency to get blisters or cold sores in your eyebrows then it is recommended that you take precautions before having your treatment and your eyebrows must be clear at the time. Microblading cannot be done when an active cold sore in your brows is present.


Unfortunately, microblading should also not be performed on individuals who are pregnant, diabetic or if you have cardiac valve disease. People with certain allergies (especially if you are allergic to alcohol or heavy metals) should be very apprehensive about having Microblading performed. If you are going through Chemotherapy a doctor’s note is required before treatment.

We know that the idea of eyebrow microblading may cause some nerves with some people. If you’ve had a tattoo and it was painful then this procedure will not be the same experience, we don’t go as deep. The reason for this is because a tattoo goes MUCH further into the skin and is supposed to be permanent, whilst microblading is semi-permanent and only goes a fraction of the depth. Numbing cream can be used before your technician begins the Microblading process, just speak to her about this and it can be arranged.

Microblading is different from person to person as we all have different skin and varied ways of looking after it. Everyone’s skin will hold the colour differently, some brows can last up to 2 years and experience medium fading or some can fade quite a lot, the average microblading lifespan is 12-18 months. Thereafter, touch-up’s are advised to maintain the brow shape and colour. Fading is common and like any colour it will be enhanced by the sun. There are tips and tricks that we can advise you to aid the longevity of your brows which will be explained during you’re appointment.

Yes, you can have Microblading but it is recommended that you have your brows microbladed two weeks before you have your Botox treatment or two weeks after.

No, unfortunately you shouldn’t have microblading as there is a risk of infection that could be passed on to your baby, technicians at Jolán Microblading will refuse any client at this stage.

Immediately, it is normal to experience a mild amount of redness during the Microblading appointment but this will soon settle. Your new Microbladed brows won’t hinder you from any social events as the aftercare is very specific and designed to keep you comfortable.

Immediately following your Microblading appointment, your eyebrows will appear to have crisp new hairs. Redness is normal immediately after the Microblading process and this will fade within a few hours. As you fully heal, the crisp lines may lightly blur into slightly thicker lines but it’s not noticeable to anyone looking directly at you. They will appear darker in the beginning and gradually fade in the first few weeks after healing, the colour will naturally return by itself and you will get an opportunity to build the density at your next top up appointment, Microblading is a two part treatment.

Following on from your Microblading treatment, you may experience some tightness and itching, which is normal. Your skin is going through a natural healing process please DO NOT SCRATCH, this does not happen to everyone, it is just your skin repairing itself. The hair strokes are very fine and can rub off easily, when you scratch or rub. You should not be touching your brows with your fingers as doing so during this time can lead to unnecessary brow infections and this will have negative results on the finial appearance. Your brows WILL look darker during the first two weeks.


This will all be fully explained at your Microblading consultation, please note that the aftercare for your new Microbladed brows is very simple and straight forward.

A follow-up Microblading appointment is required for the finishing touches and colour adjustment. Microblading is a two part treatment and allows your technician to perfect the shape of your new brows as during the healing you may naturally loose the odd stroke.


Pigment colours settle differently for everyone, and this second Microblading appointment allows you to also boost your colour. Your Microblading treatment has not been completed until you have had your second brow appointment.