Does Microblading hurt?

This is a question that I get asked literally all of the time, and honestly, it’s a really hard one to answer.

Why? Because we are all individuals and have completely different reactions to everything. Here’s my experience, everyone is absolutely fine ONCE they are relaxed and understand the procedure. I personally think it’s more of a psychological hurdle that, once crossed, becomes a walk in the park, and that’s the difference at Jolán Microblading, we don’t just book you in and do your brows, we educate! 

Knowledge is power and it’s extremely important for our clients to understand all aspects of the treatment. Yes, we want you to relax and enjoy the end result but we believe that in order for you to do that successfully you really need to be educated how this is done and what to expect. Doesn’t it feel good when we understand and know more? Regardless of the topic, when talking to others we often use terms like: “…yeah…it’s totally fine…”. That’s because you KNOW your information.

Microblading, it’s not a term that makes you instantly think of calmness, it has the word “blading” in it, which isn’t calming at all! But that’s not accurate either. It’s not a blade in any shape or form, the tool itself is actually a quarter the size of my little finger nail and it’s shaped like a metal comb.

I always say to my clients: “..Imagine if you run your finger down a comb – what sound would it make? What would each prong do?..”. Once this visualisation is fully understood I then say on a scale of one to ten (ten being having a healthy tooth removed without anaesthetic) you should be at a two and by the very end of the treatment, following all the wiping, possibly a three.  

I find that women who are menstruating can be slightly more sensitive, women who have tattoos tend to fall asleep, and women who “know their stuff” are so relaxed that they are happy to chat and relax.

BUT one thing that is true about everyone, is that when I see you at your top up you are  very different from your first appointment…WHY? Because you KNOW everything, by this point, that there is to know about Microblading and what did I say before?  – KNOWLEDGE IS KEY.

You’re fully equipped with the treatment, aftercare, experience and you already have your beautiful natural brows. It’s more like a social event when I see you next and it’s wonderful to catch up, have a chat and see you so happy.

Does Microblading hurt? I’ll let you be the judge of that. 

Microblading Magic!

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