What age is good for microblading? – Well, this is another good question and the simplest answer is that the legal minimum age is 18; young girls these days are SO good at applying make-up – not like when I was growing up. I became a Make-up Artist for editorials and catwalks shortly after this age so I was on my way but, on the whole, this generation are way savvier and with all the Youtube/Insta and TikTok videos that are available out there I say let the eighteen year olds enjoy their brows with make-up.

It’s not until you are in your late twenties that the painstaking and time-exhausting routine of doing your brows every day starts to irritate us all.

If you are eighteen and looking to get your brows microbladed or Ombré’d then please please wait a little longer, I bet your brows look amazing just as they are and if you’re still not convinced, by all means, book a consultation with us and come and discuss what is making you unhappy. You will be given lots of tips and advice but if you are a parent of a minor then my advice is to offer to take your daughter for eyebrow shaping and let the fun of makeup begin.

If you know of anyone who is about to get their brows microbladed and who is younger than the minimum age requirement then please do inform someone.  This is a technical and intricate procedure that should be done by a professional. 

It is also worth adding that the legal age may not apply abroad and I have had many clients who have had their brows done in this way. Be warned, the pigments are different in some countries and so are the ingredients which oxidise to an array of colours that will without doubt definitely need correction, at some point, in the future.

My advice…it’s best to wait, and it’ll be well worth it!

Microblading Magic.

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